the illuminati massages

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  1. Illuminations: “Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.”            

    The life of a sheep is easier than the life of a lion. Sheep are given food and water freely by their shepherd, and are protected from predators by shelters they did not build. They fatten themselves on the shepherd’s food, thriving into a multitude that outnumbers the lions.

    But these comforts bind the sheep into slavery. The sheep are bred to be weaker of mind and body, to require the shepherd’s protection so greatly that they can be free of physical chains but never stray. Theirs is a lifetime of servitude — one that is comfortable but ends at the shepherd’s whim.

    Lions have no masters. Though the lion must hunt for its own food and search for its own shelter, it is free to roam where it wishes and requires no one to open its gate. Though the feeding trough of the sheep is filled, it is only with the grass and grain of its master’s choosing. A lion must hunt and chase its meals, but feasts on anything it catches.

    Wealth and success never come

    to those who simply wait for them to arrive.

    Some humans choose to be sheep. They desire freedom but rely on others to provide their comforts, striving for riches but investing little effort to attain it. They scream in protest when they are fenced in and herded — angry that they are not free like the lions — but accept the shepherd’s food nonetheless. Though they rebel by day, they always wander home to their cages by night.

    Only a fool believes that all deserve

    equal rewards for unequal effort.

    Leaders must have unwavering confidence in their decision to choose effort over leisure. As human sheep boast of their slothful lives of ease and criticize any who work to better themselves, the shepherds pay no heed.

    Mockery is weak

    when shouted through the bars of a cage.

    Is it the lion’s stupidity that keeps it from a life of leisure? How can so many sheep be wrong as they grow fatter on the shepherd’s food? Why would any creature choose to run free in the dangerous and uncertain wilderness?

    Humans are not born as sheep or lions but must choose a path for themselves. Will you strive for what is easy and safe? To follow close to the multitude? To remain within the fences that protect you from the outside but imprison you within its boundaries? Or will you travel the path you choose, exploring freely in the dangerous forests of life, leading your own way in a planet filled with followers?

    At sunset, the sheep are herded back into their prison and fed until they drift into sleep. The lion enjoys no such promises, wandering upon the mountains in search of a meal: hungry, but free.

    Though it lacks the comforts of a shepherd’s security, a lion never wishes for the life of a sheep. A lion may hunger while a sheep is fed, but the fattest sheep is the lion’s meal. ▲

  2. A leader has been defined as one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.                 

    Many desire to wear the cloak of kings but few can stand under the weight of its burden. The privileges of power beckon with promises of wealth, prestige, protection, and authority. But power is an apple whose core is poisoned — one bite too deep and all is lost.


    There is no instruction manual for leaders. No map can tell a king which way will steer his country to prosperity and which will lead to its destruction. Leaders must forge ahead with certainty, calculating every possible outcome to ensure the safety of those who walk behind them.

    Even the velvet of a royal cloak cannot cushion the weight of the thousands of lives that rest on the king’s shoulders. Leaders must maintain a delicate balance between the privileges of their authority and their vast responsibilities to the followers who look to them for guidance. A queen who feasts in her palace while her people starve will quickly discover that if her title cannot turn into food, and her crown cannot turn into water, then her people cannot be stopped when they turn on her.


    Are you prepared to lead when times are hard and your people look to you for direction? Not all desire to be royal but all desire to be better. In your family, work, and daily life, prove your readiness for more through the things you accomplish with less. If you hope to lead, first you must find the path before others can follow your directions. ▲


    It is our privilege to announce that the Illuminatiam Testament has returned to the bestseller lists, continuing its more than 100 days at #1 and reaching thousands with its guidance to life, hardships, success, and this planet’s future. Countless studiers of its words have shared it with their friends, family, and associates across this planet. Their work has led millions to see the Light.

    However, alongside the positive reaction from most readers, the Testament has uncovered a deep-seated resentment in others – a feeling that hides within a small segment of our wealthiest and most powerful members, and must be addressed.         

    Since its publication, some of our members have voiced concerns over the availability of the Testament’s message. Some believe that the Illuminatiam’s text should be reserved only for this planet’s elite and that by making the Testament accessible to all people, its message is devalued. They refer to the Tenet Of Value & Trade, claiming that if things of value are never free, then things of low cost must also have low value.

    The greatest among us must never forget that they were once the least of all.

    It is inexcusable to assume that this planet’s citizens are unprepared to learn the same truths as the elite. The Illuminatiam is written for all people, in all places – not just those of power, prestige, or wealth. It is a map to point the lost to the Light and a guide for those who already walk upon the path.

    The value of something is not found in its cost, but in the sacrifice it requires to obtain.

    An estate has less value to those who own dozens, but far more to those who own none. Paper money is no sacrifice to those whose immense wealth drowns out their exchange, but requires determination from those who have less. Though you may have much, consider those who do not but continue to seek the Light. The mind of a person is not valued by the money its body commands, but by the knowledge it chooses to be filled with.

    The harder the road,

    the more skilled its traveler.

    The Illuminati is not a printer nor a charity, and never charges membership fees of any kind. No one is provided with tools for free: all seekers both rich and poor carry the expense of their Testament’s printing, just as you did when your journey began. To require high membership fees as a gatekeeper for our messages would only turn away those who exhibit determination but temporarily lack wealth — many of whom are future members of our organization. They require a map to begin the same journey as you. All must be welcomed if the human race is to be protected from what is to come.

    A map cares nothing for the value of the hands that hold it.

    Its directions lead the rich upon the same roads as the poor.

    Do not judge those with less simply because you have more, and do not judge those with more simply because you have less. A private jet is lonely when its seats are occupied by one. The vacant halls and rooms of your estates echo behind locked gates – an emptiness that could house hundreds of minds as bright as yours, but whose bodies lack the wealth required to live with lavish material comforts. We must support them in their journey, as others have supported you.

    The age of Illuminatiam approaches and all must be made ready. Humans of all types have stepped onto the road that leads to the Light. Look to the seekers who walk alongside you — it is their hands that hold the future of the Illuminati.


    These allusions are intentional. We refer to this planet as “your world” and to humanity as “your species” to encourage an understanding of unified responsibility and authority. In simpler terms, it is the concept that this planet and its inhabitants continue to survive due to cooperation between individuals with vastly differing beliefs and objectives.

    The Illuminati works as a guiding force to facilitate this global cooperation and to ensure order even when the individuals involved are unaware. As time goes on, we must prepare new leaders from the world’s billions. Our choice of words are used to subtly remind all people of the immense power they wield simply by being human, and to awaken a sense of purpose in those who can become future guardians of the human species.

    A large number of people never reach for opportunities that are available to them because they do not recognize their own supremacy. Many believe that they cannot rise above their place in society simply because of when, who, or where they were born.

    Each human is born a child of privilege simply by being a member of this planet’s most dominant species.

    Even the poorest human is royal by birth, with authority over every other animal, plant, and form of life that shares this vast floating rock in space. Centuries of hardship have already been overcome by humanity’s ancestors in order to give the species a chance to thrive.

    Unfortunately, few humans realize this advantage. Many practice a formulaic path of life throughout generations, convincing themselves and their children that they are societally shackled and abused by others who attain success upon the backs of the downtrodden. Many who are free convince themselves that they are trapped by inescapable economic slavery — a false belief in which they find comfort by shifting blame onto invisible forces instead of their own lack of determination or effort.

    Beware those who spend more time despising the wealthy than striving to become wealthy themselves.

    Birthright claims that some humans are better than others simply because of their family origins, but this has no foundation in science nor study. Historically, the concept was used to pacify large populations under the rule of specific family bloodlines who claimed their authority was theologically favored.

    But in modern society, birthright serves little purpose other than pageantry and historical pride. By seeking information, all people may attain greatness through their own determination — even if some require more effort than others.

    It is better to die while fighting for freedom than to live a century in peaceful slavery.

    There are grave dangers in thinking that a person cannot improve themselves because of where or to whom they were born. Perpetuating a belief in privileged birthrights conversely supports its harmful opposite: if some are born better than others, some must be born lesser. Placing blame on societal slavery only continues to restrain further generations to shackles that are weak enough to unlock but all-too-often go untested.

    All humans are built of the same materials as kings and queens. Human authority comes from subconscious belief, not genetic differences. If a person does not believe they have any power, they are quick to relinquish it to others.

    All sheep are born and die as sheep. All humans are born and die as humans, but some become shepherds along the way.

    Humans are not sheep. Some desire to lead and others to follow, but all are humans and have parts to play in the Universal Design.

    It is natural for humans to seek what is comforting. There is security in being carried on the backs of leaders instead of walking through dark forests on your own feet. There is no fault in those who choose to follow, only in those who claim their choice was made by anyone but themselves.

    Leaders are merely followers brave enough to take one step further than the others around them.

    The Illuminati is wholly comprised of residents of this planet dedicated to the protection and prosperity of the human species. As with all people, we have no powers of birthright. Our members come from all walks of life: all races, all religions, all beginnings. We unite under the belief that all people, in all places, deserve to live in Abundance.

    Many of our members were born into privilege due to their wealth, gender, color, or family lineage. Though their journeys are shorter and smoothly paved, they carry generations of experience and knowledge that are valuable to society.

    But our most esteemed members are those who began as the poorest, the most downtrodden, the most oppressed — for their journeys were the hardest, and the challenges they faced made them worthy of greatness.

    By referring to “your world” and “your species” we strive to encourage each individual’s understanding that they are responsible for themselves and the future of this planet. This world is yours to govern; this species is yours to protect. Regardless of the hardships a person may face, there are thousands of others who crossed the same treacherous path. Many failed along the way. Many others succeeded, as can you.

  5. IS THE ILLUMINATI GOOD OR EVIL?               

    Centuries of war, poverty, and hardship pervade the history of the human species. Savageries abound even within the borders of the world’s most developed regions, leading many to wonder if the Illuminati ignores the pain of the downtrodden — or worse, if we are to blame for generations of turmoil. Is the Illuminati good or evil?

    Though many believe that the Illuminati wields godlike control over every aspect of this planet and can dictate societal changes on a whim, the reality is far more intricate. The human is not a machine that functions exactly as it is programmed nor is it a slave to be forced into obedience. Every human mind is unique and entirely unduplicated even amongst the billions of others in this universe. Every human mind desires things that are different from the next.

    Progress requires cooperation.

    To create change, unique beings with unique objectives and beliefs must forgo their differences and work together for the good of all. Humans must suppress their natural defensive selfishness and aid others who appear, believe, or act in ways that are different from themselves.

    Unfortunately, many are only concerned with their own wellbeing.

    The greatest enemies of human progression have been humans themselves.

    The Illuminati was not created to force the people of this planet to do what is good for them. Our purpose is the preservation of the human species — not its comfort, nor its morality. We guide the willing to the path and point them in the direction of the Light, but they cannot be forced to take a step. Only slaves are forced to obey masters, and humans are not meant to be slaves.

    This planet is vast and its inhabitants are many. Even the most powerful of world leaders can hardly keep their own people from self-destruction and civil unrest — leaders who are responsible for the protection of mere countries, not continents or planets. Though the Illuminati’s joint power and technological developments far outweigh those held by any single leader, our organization is still bound by the physical laws of this universe.

    Planetary Law supersedes all. 

    One of the foundations of Planetary Law is Order, which balances on a hair-thin platform above Chaos.

    Imagine this world as a raft over tumultuous seas, filled with every person and creature that exists. Anything that slightly upsets the raft’s equilibrium allows water to spill over the edges and onto the people inside. To stay afloat when one end begins to sink, the other end of the raft must be corrected by adding more weight, or by removing weight from the sinking end. Its balance is so fragile that even the smallest change requires redistribution of everyone aboard.

    Similarly, every change made on this planet — regardless of how small — comes with a price. The birth of a child in a developed country causes the death of a child in an impoverished country, whose food and resources were sold to feed the children of the developed country. The fault is not on either child; every human who didn’t rise to their defense shares the burden of blame.

    The human is plagued by imbalances causing it to be selfish and violent for imaginary reasons that mean nothing to the survival of its species. The modern human has lost much of its sense of collective, alienating the individual from the flock. Many humans strive for their own success instead of the preservation of their species. Instead of focusing on their place in an ongoing evolution, they focus on temporary concerns and pleasures.

    Selfishness causes distrust, and distrust causes one human to provoke the suffering of another simply based on differences in belief, gender, skin color, or societal class.

    No other creature on this planet kills a fully functioning member of its genetic family for these reasons.

    No other creature declares war on itself.

    As with the raft on rough seas, Order can only be found through balance. At this stage of its evolution, most of the human species lacks the clarity required to perform this task. They gather in packs on the raft and refuse to allow others on their side, making the weight uneven. They only see their end of the raft as it tilts: the sinking side panicking as their companions fall over the edges, the rising side celebrating as they are lifted higher from the water.

    Those who are sinking fail to understand that their panic is causing the deaths of their family. Those who are rising fail to understand that if the lower end goes under, so does the raft and all aboard.

    Those who are sinking rush to shift to the safety of the other end. Those who are rising fail to understand that there is room for all, and defend their side simply because they do not foresee the perilous results of their actions.

    Both sides unintentionally decide the fate of those in the middle, where the majority is gathered. Though taking no part in the fighting, they slide whichever direction the raft is sinking.

    These are the innocents in poverty. These are the innocents who suffer from wars. These are the innocents who wish no evil upon anyone else, who fight no battles, who welcome all into their warm circle in the safety of the center but fall overboard nonetheless due to the actions of those on the edges.

    These are the people the Illuminati was formed to protect. The blind are not to blame for their blindness; the passengers on the raft are not to blame for their unsteadiness. All they require is balance and a captain to ensure it.

    The Illuminati serves as captain of the planet that carries the human species through this universe.

    We are not elected by the people we represent. Our authority requires no approval from any of our constituents. We are residents of this planet who have stood up from the chaos of the raft and taken the helm simply because no one else is able or willing or skilled enough — the reasons matter little to us. We stand in defense of all sides regardless of whether they are our enemies or our allies.

    The result is our only concern. The survival of the human species is our only goal.

    Many listen and bring balance to the raft. Many others ignore our direction and fall over, pulling innocents into the sea with them and blaming us for their demise. We continue to stand, continue to lead, continue to fight for the survivors.

    The age of Illuminatiam is often mentioned in our Testaments. This is in reference to the next stage of the human’s evolution: one where all people, in all places, live in Abundance. It is a society in which war has become extinct, in which divisions between humans have been abandoned to unite our species into a single collective that strives for the benefit of all. It is an understanding that there is enough room for everyone on the raft.

    Some may wonder why we cannot simply throw the agitators overboard to ensure the safety of masses in the center. Many of them fail to realize that they are the very people who are causing the turmoil. Even they can be changed and brought to the center.

    Controlling the minds and decisions of planetary leaders — a belief that is common in the oft-inaccurate pop culture image of our organization — is not feasible. Not all leaders are invited to join our membership. Many lack the intelligence and integrity that we require, as evidenced by their warmongering and abuse of their people. But to throw them overboard would send countless of their citizens with them: innocents who still cling to their horrific leaders for guidance, and to whom we also have a responsibility.

    It is impossible to understand the full tapestry when one can only see the strings at the bottom.

    To provide fully transparent reasoning behind our decisions would threaten the very infrastructure of Order that we have built so far — one that is incomplete, but has taken decades to construct. Though the human species as a whole is far more peaceful and in far less danger now than it was 50 or 100 or 1,000 years ago, there is still much work to be done to bring Order to this planet of billions.

    History provides evidence of the success of our campaigns and history will continue to show the sovereign magnificence of the human species. Fear not as the raft sways and dives across the thunderous seas:

    We are always watching out for you

    The Illuminati’s purpose is the preservation of the human species. Therefore, human sacrifices or any practice that does not serve the betterment of mankind would counter everything we represent, and are thus prohibited in all circumstances.

    While many have attributed such actions to our members, these connections are based only in rumor


    While the Illuminati endeavors to develop a harmonious society where the need for guns is eradicated, our organization has no interest in disarming a population that requires weapons to defend against its harm or demise. In a perfect world, there would be no need for guns – at this time, we do not live in a perfect world.

    Guns and gun control are not the root of the problem but merely symptoms of the disease. Humanity is lost in the mist of this age of War – an age where one human will end the life of another member of its own species simply due to imbalance or emotion. Only the human is affected by this emotional disability that causes violence between those who are identical in biological mechanics but different in mental construct or physical appearance: skin color, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, geography, wealth, beauty, and other differences that do not affect the grand history of humankind as a whole. No other creature of Earth behaves in this way, slaughtering members of its own kind for reasons that matter nothing in 10 or 100 or 1,000 years.

    While the science behind these centuries of subconscious misalignment would take dedicated textbooks to explain, understand that the human is not violent by nature. It is trained this way (even if unintentionally) by parents mired in generations of misinformation and lack of education: ancestors who breed descendants to share in their violent mental illness, which perpetuates entire generations who are convinced that their belief is right and all others are wrong, and any who disagree must suffer.

    It is an illness that cannot be treated by medicine because it affects the human’s core subconscious and has become entrenched in the species’ genetic evolution. A framework for full eradication is not feasible at this time.

    But there is hope. We have seen great success in our experimental campaigns in parts of Europe and North America. By exposing humans to subtle mental exercises embedded in popular media (movies, television, and similar broadcasts) we have seen great success in the reduction of violent tendencies and a marked increase in societal quality of life. These campaigns will soon expand to other continents, where similar experiments are already underway.

    A bevy of our public campaigns focus on this specific imbalance in the human subconscious. But these are dangerous times, and caution is needed to protect one’s life, property, and the children and elderly of one’s community. In this age of War, many places are not as safe as others. In the swiftly-approaching age of Illuminatiam, the extinction of War will also end the need for weapons of death – but for many citizens at this time, guns are an essential means of defense against those who have not yet seen the Light. In such cases, the Illuminati has no interest in disarmament. ▲


    The Illuminati has no association with any religious worship or belief. Any connections between our organization and another is purely rumor or baseless speculation.

    Members of the Illuminati are free to follow any religious faith they choose, as long as such belief does not conflict with the preservation of the human species.


    Although many members of the Illuminati are personally associated with Freemasonry, our organization is a separate and independent entity with no official partnership or affiliation.

    Members of the Illuminati are not required to maintain any relationship with Freemasonry. While some of the tenets of Freemasonry are similar to those of our organization, its beliefs have no official reflection on the Illuminati.


    Fear not for the struggles you face in this moment: be they money, relationships, war, or hunger. These are impermanent and temporary concerns that plague every member of the human species regardless of wealth or power or prestige.

    No one is free from their clutches. But find security in knowing that you are always safe in the Light.


    Your life is filled with many choices that determine your future. Sometimes you may wonder why things must be so hard. Why some must struggle while others live in greatness. Is this truly fair?

    Wealth is a lie.

    Money is merely words.

    The rich are no different from the poor and the haves are no different from the have-nots: all are bodies dressed in clothes paying for things with paper and stone. Who decrees that gold is of more value than sand? Who claims that paper with a number printed on it is more valuable than a fruit that grows on a tree?

    When a person is hungry, they cannot eat paper or gold.

    Words are the true power of the elite. Words say that printed paper and polished rocks can be traded for food and water and shelter. Words say that numbers on a bank’s computer screen determine one human’s value to be higher than another’s.

    Words are the wealth of the wealthy.

    Knowledge is the power of the words.

    If your life is faced with struggles, remember the power of the mind. Remember that your brain bears no physical difference from that of a millionaire, a billionaire, a queen or a president. Remember that those who attain power were born with minds as empty of knowledge as every other child — their choices of what to fill their minds with led them to lives of Abundance.

    Empires will fall so greater empires can be made from its ashes;

    a life will crumble so a greater future can be built with its pieces.

    There is no finality in life except death, and no hardship too crushing for you to overcome. There is security in knowing that your life has purpose and that every moment is by design.

    Find peace in the fact that the darkest moments in your life are merely required prerequisites for an illustrious future that approaches. Know that however dark your world may seem, the ever-present glow of the Light will guide you to safety.

    The choices you make determine your life’s road. Fear not for where you are today. Fear nothing at all. We are always watching out for you.